Our Market Vendors

West Linton Market hosts over three dozen different stallholders every month

Here's a list of most of our market vendors that have had a stall at West Linton Market over the past few years. All information provided below is publicly available and meant to assist prior customers to contact vendors directly.  An underlined vendor name is a link to their own website. 


Interested in a market stall? Look for information at the foot of this page.

Food & Deserts

Abbotts Chocolates - Artisan Chocolates  (Facebook - Twitter)

Allan Ramsay Hotel - Restaurant & Bar - (01968) 660258  (Email - Facebook)

Barnill Bakery - Dog Treats  (Facebook)

Campbell's Country Cabin - Preserves and Cakes  (Facebook)

Cottage Candies - Sweets  (Facebook - Instagram)

Cows & Co. - Cheese - 01556 568 321  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Cream o' Galloway - Dairy - 01557 814040  (Email - Facebook - Twitter

Daizy Delicious - Crepes & Waffles - 07584195805  (Facebook)

Edward Collin Fish - Fish - 07795363665 / 01890 771479  (Facebook)

El Artissano - Artisan Food  07423146521 / 07738516332 (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

Flavours 'n' Favours - Desserts - 07770542637  (Email - Facebook)

Forth Coffee Roasters - Coffee - 07712 409911  (EmailFacebook - Twitter)

Freewheeling Brewery - Beer - 07802 175826  (Facebook - Twitter)

Gillespies Good Food - Butchers - 07592 641876  (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

Jarvis Pickle - Pies - 01890 771266  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Leaven Deli - Social enterprise food deli  (Facebook)

Lewis & Clarke Artisan Kitchen - Desserts - 01620 811001 (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

MaRobert's - Chilli Sauce - 0777 6105209  (EmailFacebook - Twitter)

Macamoon - French Macarons - 07793033604  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Pentland Hills Gin - Spirits07956 865343  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Pyet Deli - Coffee, Deli & Restaurant 01968 660350  (Facebook - Twitter)

Raven's Kitchen - Baking Mixes  (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

Salt Pig Sea Salt - Salt, Herbs and Spices  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Saucy Desserts - Sticky Toffee Pudding01387 810475  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Scottish Honey - Honey & Candles - (01968) 660721  (Email - Facebook)

Slapped Toasties - Unique Jams & Preserves07761215529 

Slipperfield Croft Farm - Lamb07824364585  (Email)

Spotted Pig Company - Hogroasts  (Email - Facebook)

Springfield Game & Country Meats - Farm - 07540 069265  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Stichill Jersey - Dairy products - 01573 470263  (Facebook)

Sweet Knead - Pizza & Desserts - 07446220047  (EmailFacebook - Instagram)

Tanny Gill - Cheese  (Twitter)

Three Hills Coffee - Coffee01835 823981  (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

Unique Sweets & Savouries - exotic street food - 07957902291  (Email - Facebook)

Whitmuir the Organic Place - Goods - (01968) 661908  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Wood's Brownie Co. - Baked Deserts - 07802 797966  (Facebook)

Wood Oven Wonders - Wood-fired pizza - 07753709436  (EmailFacebook - Twitter)


Arts & Crafts

Ann Duncan - Knitware   (Facebook)

Ambrosia's Creation - Jewellery & Favours  (EmailFacebook)

Belvedere Pottery - Pottery - 01314402228 (Email)

Bonny Glass - Home Decor  (Email - EtsyFacebook)

Can to Candle - Home Decor  (Facebook)

Cardrona Crafts - Handmade arts & crafts  (Facebook)

Cottage Candles - Home Decor  (Facebook - Instagram)

Craftgenix - Engraved and personalised products - 03330503908  (Email)

David Gordon Smith - Woodturner - 07810351567  (EmailFacebook)

Drakelaw Pottery - Stoneware Pottery  (Email - Facebook - Etsy)

DRW.Photo - Portrait/Commercial Photography07770029292  (Email - Instagram - Twitter)

Emma's Talkin' Threads - Handmade printed fabrics - 07845802132  (EtsyFacebook)

Fabric Facemasks Scotland - Handmade facemasks - 07548125301  (Facebook)

Fiona Worthington - Artwork - 07807311880  (Email)

Greentree Crafts - Hand embroideries and textiles  (Facebook)

Joan Robb - Wool felted cards - (01968) 675327

Kittiwake Design - Home Decors (Facebook)

Lavinia Thornley - Baskets  (Facebook)

Marker Belongings - Old things re-loved  (Email - Facebook - Etsy - Instagram)

Mary McDonald - Artwork - 07779935553  (Email)

Molten Gems - Jewellery - 07493 113149  (Email)

Mussel Memories - Home Decor  (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

Not In The Card Shop - Personalised Gifts - (01899) 221349  (Email)

Pretty Things & Wildlings - Handmade Clothing  (Etsy - Facebook)

RemadeGifts and Homewares - (01968) 676577  (Email)

Ross of MoffatPicture maker

Scottish Cashmere - Gloves & Scarves (Email - Etsy)

Sparkle Crafts - Crafts - 07714395569  (Email - Facebook)

Waulkmill Studio  - Glass & Pottery Workshops  (Email)

Home Fragrances

Lyne Organics Scottish Borders - Organic Home Fragrances & Toiletries - 07979780600 

                                                                   (Email - Facebook - Instagram)

MMER Ltd - Candles - 07580492753

Pentland Aromatics - Home Fragrances  (Facebook - Instagram)

Skincare Products

Coven Vegan Skincare - Beauty Shop07788 871958  (EtsyFacebook)

Lavender's Green - Natural Soaps - 07894727098  (Email)

Raven Botanicals - Natural Skincare  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Soap Matters - Artisan Soap and Oils - 07815 893710  (Email - Facebook)

Flowers & Plants

Holly Grows - Plants and Decorations - 07837551707  (Facebook - Instagram)

Potty Perennials - Home Grown Plants

Schoolhouse Flowers - Flowers  (Facebook)



Colin Mark - Firewood, Gardening & Tree Services - 07766 338798  (Facebook)

Treeline Woodlands Ltd - Firewood - (01968) 660698  (Facebook)

Other Organisations

Life & Light Chiropractic - Family Chiropractor  (01968) 678991 (Email)

Peeblesshire Youth Trust - 07957383663  (Email - Facebook - Twitter)

Socialize - West Linton youth group (Facebook - Instagram)
3rd West Linton Guides

Wellbeing Essentials - Social and Business Community
West Linton Curling Club
- Curling - (01968) 660454

Eco Lunchbox

Keep Scotland the Brand - Promoting clear food provenance (Email - Twitter)

Scotland Loves Local - Promoting local produce and high streets retailers

Vendors: Please email us if you want any of your details added, changed or removed.

If your business name is missing, please drop us an email with your preferred details.


Would you like to be a West Linton Market Vendor?

West Linton Market is run by a small group of volunteers, trying to maintain a traditional village market that promotes locally made or grown products, produce and services while advocating for Keep Scotland The Brand. West Linton is a semi-rural community with only a handful of shops - providing a perfect opportunity to sell your wares and/or gain exposure.

We are always on the lookout for new stalls that fit this criteria.

We do have some requirements:

  • Your primary product should be locally produced (i.e. Scottish & preferably travelled less than 100 miles to get to West Linton), or a service/charity targeting the local community.

  • We will not cater to stalls reselling a nationally distributed product (e.g. Avon).
    Exceptions to this rule will only be made for our Christmas Market held in late November.


  • You must provide proof of carrying Public/Product Liability Insurance *

  • If you will be selling food, you must have a Food Hygiene Certificate * and a Council Food Registration Certificate *

  • Using portable gas? You must produce a Gas Safety Certificate *

  • Need electricity? We recommend you bring your own extension cables (and possibly a generator), capable of handling your equipment's power requirements. Note: we have one generator, which can feed up to two stalls - with a combined load of 13amp / 2800watt max. Commercial equipment over 2800watts/13A will not be connected.

  *  required for compliance with Scottish Border Council regulations and our insurance policy.

Please remember that we are community volunteers trying to do what we can, working within our means. We might need to ask you to re-arrange during setup - please don't take this personally - we have no choice but to take into account our health & safety obligations. We will offer help with your setup and teardown where required/requested.

We will provide a table and try to offer cover (unless you prefer your own) and try to work with you towards meeting your needs. We recommend you bring a tablecloth. If you are selling delicate or heavy products, you might want to bring your own sturdier 6ft table (we use standard folding plastic tables), such as Lifetime folding tables from Costco.

Please pay attention to the time you are expected to be at the market. If you are too early, you will have to wait until we have setup the environment with the volunteer help we have available. If you arrive too late and expect to have a specific table location, it is possible that it may have been re-assigned. We'll always do what we can for you, but please work with us.


You should be assigned a table number by email/text before your arrival. Table numbers are a new idea for us - to try to streamline your setup and our pre-planning. You no longer have to worry about 'who to ask' about 'where you are'. You can setup your table as soon as you can find your number! These numbers are posted on the walls of our gazebos or on the table. You can simply put the number aside (for us to collect later) or return it to Sarah or Dean during/after your setup.

During the week before the market, we will publicise the market using our monthly posters (which are scattered throughout West Linton, nearby communities and towns), our three large vinyl banners and via this website, Facebook plus Twitter. Arrows are posted on nearby roads to help passing visitors find the market. This event is also published by Visit Scotland and listed on Google Maps. We rely on your timely correspondence in order to get this information published in good time (some places have limits on how late we can publish details about the market).

Whilst under Covid-19 restrictions, all stalls are required to be outdoors. We have no toilet facilities on site. When this restriction is lifted, we will provide basic refreshments.

If you fit our stall holders criteria and need further information, please contact us via email at:


We will respond to your message as soon as we are able (usually within 24 hours).

Thank you!